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The Gobi Ibex hunt in Mongolia is excellently organized. A Gobi Ibex hunting is always guided by local hunting guides. The hunting is available to everyone who is looking for this species of ibex.  Mongolia is the only one destination for hunting the Gobi Ibex.

Gobi Ibex

General colour is pale brown without a lighter saddle. The horns are shorter and slimmer than those of the Siberian Ibex, but the cross ridges are often larger and closer together.

This subspecies of Siberian Ibex is found in the Gobi Desert. Special areas are used for this hunt where there are large concentrations of Ibex and success is guaranteed. The plains surrounding the hunting areas are rich with Blacktail Gazelle, which is smaller than Whitetailed Gazelle.

Their trophies reach 10 to 15 inches (25-38 cm). Whitetailed Gazelle can be found in the Southern and Eastern plains of Mongolia. They graze in large herds numbering several hundreds. White Gazelles change their habitat with the seasons. Their trophies reach 8 to 12 inches (20-30 cm).



Being larger in body size than Blacktailed Gazelle, the Whitetailed Gazelle has smaller horns.

Mongolia is home to the world’s largest Mongolian Elk concentration and has emerged as prime site for trophy “bull elk” at reasonable prices. Success rates for 6×6 trophies have remained greater than 95 percent over the past years with numerous heavy – horned 7×6, 7×7 and 7×8 trophies taken. These success rates are a product of the large population of Asian Wapiti and our foremost arrangements.

This hunt is obviously the greatest hunting bargain you could hope to find around the world. Permits are limited and this package sells out rapidly each year.